What is HydroVac?

Hydro Excavation (pot-holing) is the ability to use high pressure water and vacuum power simultaneously, to excavate and dig with laser like precision. It is ideal for digging around underground utilities and pipelines to help prevent costly damages and minimize debris.The removed material is vacuumed into the debris body of the trailer for later disposal. We are committed to offering expert operators, which ensures our customers get the safest and most efficient service available! 

Why use HydroVac?

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY.  Hydro excavation was developed 20+ years ago in Canada to help excavation contractors avoid damaging underground utilities with mechanical tools: backhoes, trackhoes, augers, even shovels used in hand digging.  Hydro Evacuation has been very successful in reducing the number of line strikes, along with the injuries, property damage, lost time, and utility outages that go along with them.If you are working in an area where you aren’t sure exactly where the underground lines are located, give us a call to help you find out for sure before you go to work with a mechanical excavator.  You’ll be glad you did, and your boss, your customer and the utility owner will take comfort knowing you have prevented a possible line strike and the liability that comes with it.